Welcome Bonus

A casino welcome bonus is what an online casino will use to draw in new members. By rewarding new members, the casino is able to pull in new members and expand their membership. As people try out these new sites because of the bonuses offered, the casino is trying to make you impressed with what they have to offer, thus making you a member as well. Since there are so many casinos to choose from, you actually benefit from the competitive nature that comes from these bonuses.

RTG Casinos

RTG Casinos has one of the best welcome bonuses out there today. They offer new members a bonus of 400% of their deposit, up to $4,000. This bonus is practically unheard of, and is a great incentive for any player to join.

After a player starts to play the games available, they'll quickly notice how fast the games play out and how fun they really are. RTG Casinos continues to add new games and play styles so that the player is never bored; there is always something new to play or try out. In order to stay ahead of the curve, RTG Casinos constantly revises their interface and game variety. It is this dedication to providing the best experience out there that makes RTG one of the best online sites to date.

If you decide to join now, you'll also be given a code that can be redeemed for a bonus on your first deposit. Once you join, you'll still be able to take advantage of the 400% bonus as well, so there is no better time to join.

Rich Casinos

Another site that offers a great incentive to join is Rich Casinos, which is owned by Top Game Casinos. This site is one that really focuses on American players, giving them a wide range of payment methods so that they can play as well. They also offer a 200% unlimited bonus for those that join, giving players another great reason to join and start playing right away. Again, like RTG Casinos, there is a wide range of games to play and enjoy at Rich Casinos as well.

Although it can be difficult to find out what casino is the best out there for you, there is no denying that RTG Casinos and Rich Casinos have worked hard to give one of the best experiences out there for players. No matter what site you are looking at, make sure you examine their welcome bonuses and see what they have to offer. You may discover that some sites are not all they are cut out to be, and the bonus offer will be your first indicator.

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