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Online Casino Slots History

1800-s was developed the first poker machine, which was the ancestor to modern slot machines. On the five reels there were displayed cards.

1887 - the first slot machine with automatic payout was invented by the mechanic Charles Fey. This machine contained three reels. There were 5 symbols on each of them: a heart, a horseshoe, a diamond, a "Liberty Bell" and a spade. These slot machines became so popular, that the author didn't manage to produce them so quickly.

At about the same time one more inventor produces the machine, which gives candies and gums as prizes.

1960-s - the electro-mechanical machines were invented.

1980-s-90-s - the invention of video slots.

Online Slots Rules

Slots rules are quite ere quite easy and understandable. They vary only according to the structure of the slot machine. The main aim of the player is to spin the reel by pushing a button and wait the result.

The opportunity to play free slots games appeared recently in online casinos. So the players can enjoy exciting play, high quality graphics and funny sounds.

Types of Online Slot Machines

  1. Simple slot machines consist of 3 or 5 reels with a payout line between them. On the top of the machine you can see its name and a payout table.
  2. More complicated machines have 4-5 reels and can reach about 25 pay lines.

Online Slots Odds

  • The slot machine has no memory, so you can't foresee the next combination of symbols. It concerns and roulette game.
  • The RNG (Random Number Generator) chooses the reel results, so it is impossible to calculate the next one.
  • If you hunt for a million-jackpot you'd better chose the progressive slot machine.

Online Slots Game Tips

  1. Play maximum coins games to win more money.
  2. Don't try to divine the next spin.
  3. Try to play slots in the areas with high traffic - at the bus stops or the airports.
  4. Set the amount of money you are ready to lose.
  5. If you have won a jackpot don't play once more, because the machine can void the winning pay the sum less the jackpot.
  6. Always use your club card, as you can collect many bonuses and receive some presents or benefits.
  7. Try not to waste all your profit and save some money.
  8. Do not try to cheat playing slots game.
  9. Don't play too long on one machine.
  10. Don't forget to have fun while playing.

Most Widespread Slots Myths

  • There is an equal probability that the machine stops on any set of stops.
  • Machines are programmed to leave out payoff combinations.
  • The temperature of coins affects the result of a game.
  • Don't use the player's card and machine will pay you more.
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