Roulette History

Roulette is a marvelous gambling. You can play and earn bucks. Roulette has bright historical background. It dated back to the 17th century or much earlier when this gambling came into existence. However, there is no specific evidence about the accurate date of invention of this game.

Depending on extrapolated facts and historical records, researchers have assumed that maybe roulette originated in China and Dominican scholars and monks brought this fantastic game to European community.

Two Versions of Roulette game

According to researchers, there are mainly two versions of this world famous gambling. European roulette was improved and modified in the year of 1842 by Francois and Louise Blanc who were Frenchmen.

Important Facts

However, the fact is that the French government illegitimated roulette at that time. That's why in Hamburg which is located in Germany, roulette was started by a group of elite people who loved to introduce this game to the rest of white community members.

On the other hand, Roulette gambling came to America in the year of 1800s. However it was quite different from European roulette. Experts erased 00 from roulette wheel. As French government approved this gambling event later, at Monte Carlo, gamblers started playing this wonderful game. Roulette and Monte Carlo are extremely famous and much popular among gamers.

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