Blackjack Variations

Classic Blackjack

This game involves a player who faces a dealer. The player starts off with 2 cards and is given the option of hitting or to stick, while they get closer to 21 without being busted in the process. The player strives to beat a dealer throughout the game.

European Blackjack

This game starts with 2 decks of cards where the players are allowed to double only after they get between a nine and eleven. However, the player isn't allowed to double down once they split. In this game a dealer is required to hit on a soft 17.

Vegas Strip

This version of blackjack also includes two decks were the players can double their 1st hand and can also double following a split. These players are free to re-split into 3 hands if they get the exact same number in a different card.


The game involves 5 decks and a single dealer who is meant to stand on the soft 17. This game allows the player to double a hand between 9 and 11 and is not allowed to double after any re-split.

Single Deck

Due to the player's ability to quickly count the cards, the house advantage is relatively low as opposed to the other variations of blackjack. The player play's with a single deck and a dealer hits on the soft 17.

Progressive Blackjack

This version of blackjack includes a jackpot which continuously grows throughout the entire day. For example, when you get 7 then you can win $5 and if you win two progressive 7 then you can win a total of $25. Ultimately, jackpots may be worth a few thousand dollars in total.

Blackjack Switch

This game requires the player to bet on 2 bets with exactly the same size while these cards are faced-up. Any player is free to double a hand or split it more than once.

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